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Posted on: November 1, 2017

Is Your Yard a Safety Hazard?

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Overgrown vegetation is unsightly and can become a safety hazard to those in your neighborhood. During the month of November, please do your part to cut back weeds, shrubs, grasses and trees to help keep Guymon looking great.

Keeping Guymon clean and well kept improves property values, encourages businesses to come to Guymon, and makes it a more desirable place to live. When these things occur, jobs are created and the City increases revenue to help with infrastructure improvements.


Overgrown grasses and weeds become a violation when they reach 12 inches in height. Violators may be assessed a fine up to $500.00 for non-compliance. Property owners are responsible for maintaining alleyways and right of ways adjacent to their property as well. It’s especially important to trim back vegetation that hangs over property lines to ensure sidewalks remain pedestrian friendly and wheelchair accessible.

Vegetation that blocks street signs can be a hazard to drivers and pedestrians. By properly maintaining your landscaping, you help make Guymon a safer and more attractive place for everyone. 

Residents are encouraged to call 580-338-3396 with any concerns or to report code violations.

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