Mission and Values

Guymon embodies the slogan “An American Original.” Each generation makes its own contribution to the legacy of the community. By identifying its collective vision, our community hopes to ensure its sustainability and vitality for following generations. The success of the community will rely on the community’s ability to hold fast to its dreams.


Our vision is to preserve our sense of community identity and pride while embracing who we are. Rooted in our strong values and goals, we shall foster what Guymon will be!


Proving still that Guymon is “An American Original,” these values continually rise to the forefront:
  • Health and Wellness – we will “sharpen the saw” by providing recreational opportunity in a safe, clean environment!
  • Opportunity – we believe in the American Dream and the Land of Opportunity! 
  • Character – we are proud of where we have come from, who we are and where we will be! 
  • Sustainability – at all times we will be diligent while increasing our resiliency