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Posted on: May 12, 2017

Maintenance of street right of way, alleys and easements

Dear Property Owner/ Resident,

Ever walk out the front door to be greeted by trash or debris someone else dumped out of their car onto the front lawn; beer bottles, diaper bags, fast food wrappers and bags? Nobody is ever happy when it happens. It wasn't our fault but it became our responsibility and trying to be a good neighbor we usually end up cleaning it.

Keeping alleys and utility easements free of debris, tall grass and weeds, trash and vehicles allows City and other utility providers safe and  fast access to utility services. This is  particularly important when services have been disrupted or need repair. If alleys are blocked by vehicles, trash ans debris then the crews can't get to the service and make the repair which means water, gas and /or electric service may be down for an extended  period of time. Trash, debris, tree limbs and tall grass and weeds are also a fire hazard and provide homes for rats, cats, snakes, insects and other vermin.

City Ordinance prohibits the accumulation of trash, debris, tall grass and weeds, and wrecked vehicles on property and make us property owners/residents ultimately responsible for keeping property free os such from side to side and front to back including 1/2  of an easement/alley next to the property. Ordinances also prohibit parking or storing vehicles and trailers in alleys/easements .

Trash collection receptacles are places for use by residents and refuse should be placed only in these containers. Placing  or allowing  trash, debris, tree limbs, furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. to remain in an alley, easement or street is considered illegal dumping.

Community Development Services can assist in receiving reports of illegal dumping and if the responsible party can be identified by evidence in a manner that allows Notices of Violations or citation to Municipal Court the offending party will be contacted. If the offending party cannot be identified it falls back into the category of being "Not my fault but it is now my responsibility."

Please review your property and alleys/easements next to it and, if necessary, begin to clean and mow to the middle of the alleys/ easement next to the property. Items that cannot be placed in dumpsters or roll-outs should be taken to the Transfer Station located at 3133 Road T, open from 8AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM Monday through Friday and Saturdays 8AM-1PM. Concrete, furniture, tires, metal, oil, pesticides, chemicals and other hazardous material are some of the items that should never be placed in dumpster, but taken to the transfer station.

If you are already doing this let me express appreciation and thanks on behalf of City & Private utility providers, neighbors and the Community at large. Keeping Guymon clean can attract new businesses and residents.

Please contact me if you have a desire for further  information or discussion.


Kevin Pate- Code Enforcement Officer.
Community Development Services
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